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NaProTechnology Phase II


The five member team of the Partnership in FertiliyCare™ returned to Lublin on Saturday June 20th to continue the work started in late November.

Once again the training programme was hosted by Dr. Maciej Barczentewicz founder of the John Paul II Institute of Marital Infertility Treatment.

Advanced Case Management is the main focus of Education Phase II providing Practitioners with the practical knowledge and insight necessary to care for clients with challenging physiological, medical and ethical problems. Pregnancy Evaluation is an important feature of the Creighton Model system and the Practitioner is taught how to do this in a systematic manner since all pregnancies must be evaluated. Charting patterns in unusual situations are studied in depth and the Practitioner identifies those clients who need referral to a Creighton Model Medical Consultant.

Another feature of EPII is identifying and dealing with certain ethical situations. A two hour session is devoted to Basic Ethical Principles from which the Practitioner develops a sound foundation for assisting clients in making ethical decisions within the area of human procreation.

Over the next six months the work of the Practitioner continues under the supervision of one of the four Educators. At the end of this time an On-Site visit is scheduled to take place at the Practitioner’s home base and the four Educators will return to Poland for this. At a later date the final written examination is completed under proctor supervision and submitted for final assessment. Once these have all been completed satisfactorily the Practitioner is free to work without supervision and may apply to the American Academy of FertilityCare™ for associate membership.

It is hoped that in the years to come Polish Practitioners will become Educators and foreign Educators and Medical Consultants will not have to be flown in for these programmes. Eventually a Polish Academy of FertilityCare Professionals will be established, but that is a long way away yet. We will miss our visit to Poland very much when these things happen.

Teresa McKenna MD