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March « 2009 « The Foundation of John Paul II Institute of Marital Infertility Treatment

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March, 2009

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Conference – “Naprotechnology: Medical and Ethical Challenges in Contemporary Gynaecology”


About 500 people participated in the conference.

84 physicians including 44 OB/GYN (3 professors).

230 students including 25 medical students and 170 students of The Institute of Studies on the Family.

185 other participants.

Conference speakers

Conference speakers

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Responsible parenthood

By Doctor Maciej Barczentewicz.

The natural approach to fertility is something of a song of the past for today’s man of “the West.” The civilization, including the development in medicine, especially since the end of the 19th century has brought about in our culture an anti-natalistic mentality to our homes. Read more »

Sexuality in Marriage

By Doctor Maciej Barczentewicz.

When thinking about marriage, about one’s life, everyone wants to be happy. We have a great need to be loved – a woman wants to be noticed, adored, appreciated, loved by her husband; a man needs someone close who will respect and admire him. We search for happiness in intimacy, in sexual life, each one of us in their own way. We search for fulfillment. Read more »

Poland Welcomes NaProTechnology

The university city of Lublin became the first Polish city to host the Creighton Model FertilityCare System Education Phase I from November 30 to December 07 2008. This is the first of a four part education system, spread over 13 months, consisting of Education Phases I and II, interspersed with the Supervised Practica I and II. Completing this first phase, the Practitioners and Medical Consultants will begin educating and treating clients. Read more »